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Our Wedding Invitations!

Our invitations are out! We incorporated our logo on the outside of the pocket fold card, and elements from the design on the invite and directions card to create a unified theme. While I had these invitations printed and assembled, this is something any bride can do if they have the time and patience. You can order pocket fold cards on the internet, as well as the paper, and have them printed at your local Staples or Kinko’s. These pocket fold cards and shimmery paper are from The quality is amazing, but you have to go through a local dealer in order to get these. The net ribbon is from, and the raffia is from Michael’s. They add such a beachy, fun touch! Love love love!

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Hope you like them!

18 Creative Ways to Use A Custom Wedding Logo or Monogram

Once you’ve decided on your colors and have your wedding logo designed, the next step is to decide what elements of your wedding should include your logo. This is the fun part! There are so many ways to use wedding logos and monograms to create consistency throughout your day, but you’ll want to keep in mind that going overboard is a big mistake. Here are 18 ideas for you to pick and choose from, but be sure to pick only your favorites!

1. Save-the-Dates. Save-the-Dates are the first thing your guests will see, and using your logo on them will help set the tone for the rest of the decor that they will experience. Using your logo alone or with a photo of you and your fiance, are both great ways to incorporate the imagery and your colors. Magnets are my personal favorite, because your guests can use the magnet to hang up your invitation when it arrives, and it serves as a constant reminder to mark their calendars every time they go to the fridge!

2. Invitations. A no-brainer, your logo should be included on your invitation. It can be used in a variety of ways here, either on the top of the invite, as a watermark in the background, or even on the envelope. Make sure your text and color scheme matches or complements the logo colors.

3. Stamps. Custom stamps make all of your wedding mail seamless integrated into your decor. Plus they make a great addition to your wedding album!

4. Ceremony Runner. Custom runners are a growing trend in weddings, and wedding logos make the perfect motif. We suggest a white on white color theme, so as not to distract from the ceremony location, flowers, and bride.

5. Ceremony Programs. What do all of your guests usually look at as they’re waiting for the bride to come down the aile? The programs! Cover yours in your monogram.

6. Bouquet Ribbon. Make your bouquet even more personal with your logo on the ribbon that wraps around the stems.

7. Ceremony Candles. Often during ceremonies, brides and grooms elect to include a candle-lighting ritual that represents the coming together of the couple as one. These candles would look fabulous with your custom wedding logo front and center!

8. Escort Cards. Escort cards help to decorate the table as everyone brings theirs to claim their seats.

9. Gobo Lights. As mentioned in a previous post, gobo lights can be used to shine on your dance floor with your names in lights!

10. Cake Topper. Gone are the days of the traditional bride & groom statue cake toppers. Make your cake super personal with your initials, and take it home to put on display next to your album!

11. Cocktail Napkins. With cocktails flowing, have yours handed out with a custom napkin!

12. Door, Wall, & Floor Decals. Decals make the place look like it was built just for you.

13. Wine Labels. Offer your guests wine at each table, straight from your very own vineyard (or it can appear that way)!

14. Champagne Flutes. Include your wedding logo in your toast, as everyone raises their custom glasses! These also make great favors for your guests to take home.

15. Stickers. So versatile, stickers can be used on all of your envelopes, or on practically any favor to make it customized for your wedding.

16. Hang Tags on your favors also add a personal touch.

17. Thank-You Cards. Your Thank-You cards are the last thing your guests will receive to remember your day, so include a photo of the happy couple as well as your logo to tie the theme together.

18. Wall Art. As a new couple, you’ll be decorating your home together. Use the first symbol of your married life together as wall decor, and you’ll have a reminder of your special day every time you look at it.

If you have any ideas for using wedding logos, please share them in the comments!

Wedding Invitations

Your invitation for your special day is an important piece of the wedding decor puzzle. You’ll include it in your album, your parents will make sure it’s on display in their kitchen, and everyone you know and love (because they are invited) will take notice. Once you have your wedding logo in place, the save the dates and the invitations are usually next on the list to order. Make sure that you are happy with the final product, because this is something you will keep, cherish, and show to your kids one day along with your photos.

Wedding Invitation

When it comes to wedding invitations, you want to make sure the design fits the style of your event. For classy, black tie affairs, be sure to include either serif fonts or scripts. For chic, modern weddings, sans serif fonts and a contemporary logo will go perfect. And that beach wedding should include a beachy element (seashell, starfish, palm tree, blues and greens) to get your guests excited!

Send me pictures of your wedding invitation to to include in a follow-up post!

Wedding Logo Idea: Gobo Lights

Wedding Logo Gobo LightA popular way to use your Wedding Logo is a Gobo Light. Gobos are basically a circular plate with your logo cut out. A projection light shines through the design, displaying your Wedding Logo where ever you like! Shine your logo on the wall behind your bride and groom table, or over your gift table. Another popular option is to shine your logo on your dance floor! These lights can shine anywhere the projector can point to. Just make sure there isn’t too much in the background of your Wedding Logo, or it may not appear the way you’d like it to.

You can see if your venue has a projector installed. Some venues offer this as a service, so for your custom logo, you’ll want to get the specs on what size to order to fit your venue’s projector. You can order custom Gobos here:

This use of Wedding Logos really makes for a fun atmosphere. Have you ever seen Wedding Logos used this way?